Bible 2: Exegesis Practicum; 2 Cr. (Required-Yr. A)

Prof. Jin Hee Han and Bible Team
Jan. 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23 (6-9:30 pm)
Rm. 330 (Break-outs: 314, 316, 318, 321)

This course focuses on in-depth critical analysis and interpretation of selected texts from both Testaments.

MYM2014: Theology of Urban Youth Ministry; 4 Cr.

Prof. C. Vernon Mason Rm. 411

This course is designed to shape and enrich the practice of Urban Youth Ministry Professionals through the study of Theology. It is especially attentive to exploring the theological and religious significance of urban youth culture as an avenue through which both faith formation and social transformation in Youth Ministry can take place. This Course will examine different methodologies of engaging in Urban Youth Ministry with marginalized, underserved, inner-city youth. Particular attention is devoted to discerning how God speaks to and through us to Minister to Young People whose backgrounds and lifestyles cover a wide range of religious, social, economic and cultural traditions.

MYM1004: Foundations in Youth Ministry;

4 Cr. (Required for MAYM; otherwise elective)

Prof. Tamara Henry

Rm. 323

This course examines youth and young adult development, socialization, spiritual formation and discipleship. In particular, participants will explore key competencies necessary for designing and administering programs that foster the holistic transformation of youth within an urban cultural milieu.

HTU1014: Church History 1; 4 Cr. (Yr. B, Required) Prof. Dale Irvin Rm. 330

This course provides an introductory survey to the history of Christianity in its global context, beginning with the early church. Attention is paid to the relationship between Christianity and urban life in a variety of contexts, the wider social and political context in which churches have lived out their ministries, the role of women and others who have been socially marginalized through history, and the development of theological ideas in diverse cultural locations. While the major scope of the course covers earliest Christianity to the dawn of the modern world, a brief survey of the history of Christian churches over the past five centuries is provided at the end of the course.