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Volunteers needed for Master's Student fall Retreat
by Lillian Rodriguez - Thursday, August 23, 2018, 1:44 PM

Please consider volunteering  for the Master's Student fall Retreat at Stony Point Center:

This is an opportunity to help make the NYTS retreat meaningful to NYTS students.  Volunteers are needed for:

1. Two-three volunteers needed for assembling the materials for retreat.  This will be in-office.  Email Lillian Rodriguez at lrodriguez@nyts.edu for the date and time.

2.  Six volunteers needed for Registration and assisting  at retreat.  You should be willing and able to arrive at Stony Point Center by 2pm for training.  Please contact Lillian Rodriguez at lrodriguez@nyts.edu for information and to sign up.

NYTS Volunteers make NYTS events successful!

Lillian Rodriguez, Executive Administrator for Academic Affairs