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From the Office of Alumni/ae Affairs
by A. Cathy Morales - Thursday, May 16, 2019, 3:19 PM

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Dear Class of 2019 Master-level Graduates,

Please take the time to complete the 2019 NYTS-Graduating Students' Questionnaire that collects cumulative information on graduating students Employment & Debt   The questionnaire is a part of a 6-year Count the Cost Research Project,that has helped to foster greater supports for seminarians including financial literacy, fundraising workshops, job placement services, coaching, mentoring. etc.  NYTS is among 80 seminaries to receive funding from Lilly Endowment to help shape change in costs associated with attending seminary and options awaiting graduates.  Please help us contribute to the national conversation by sharing your experience.  
The Questionnaire is available through the Alumni/ae Office/Count the Cost Office at NYTS and will be available at tonight's Graduate Reception.  You will receive a unique ID that will issue anonymity at the Graduate Reception or by contacting Cynthia Gardner-Brim.
The deadline for the survey completion is June 14th.  
Thank you,