Wanda D. Lang DMin
Student Loans
by Wanda D Lang - Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 3:58 PM
To the Masters and Doctoral Students Student Loans are being processed. If you have received a notice from me and have not signed up for direct deposit, please contact me to see if you have a refund coming to you. Please be advised, because of the change in building security you will need to notify me in advance if you are coming to pick up your check so I can add your name to building security for a temporary badge. You will not be allowed upstairs if the building security does not have your name. And they will not call upstairs for you. If you would like your check mailed to you, please send me an email and verify your mailing address. Thank-you. Dr. Wanda Lang 212-870-1219 wlang@nyts.edu