Resources for Distance Learning
by Dr. Jin H. Han - Saturday, March 14, 2020, 4:39 PM

Under President Walrond’s direction, NYTS offers the instruction online from March 18 to April 14, 2020. We will actively use MOODLE and ZOOM. Please review the following, so that in this time that calls for prayers we may continue to pursue our meaningful theological journey meaningfully.

1. Moodle

All courses are operational on our electronic learning platform of Moodle at online.nyts.edu. Should you have any question about our Moodle site, you will want to reach out to helpdesk@mail.nyts.edu (with a cc: to Dr. Han at jhan@nyts.edu). You may also call 1-212- 870-1228; however, emailing is to be preferred.

Please follow your professor’s direction regarding your course work. If you need help with your course work, you will want to consult with your instructor.


For synchronous class sessions, we will actively use our ZOOM capabilities. The Online Committee has prepared the following documents for our community. (Please see the attached documents.)

JHan’s Brief Guide to ZOOM for students
La Breve Guía de JHAN de ZOOM para Estudiantes

학생용 줌 사용 설명서

Here are a set of links that you will find helpful, as you seek to familiarize yourself with ZOOM.

The YouTube channel of ZOOM has additional videos, as well!

3. Your @mail.NYTS.edu email account

Please be reminded that it is important to conduct your classwork as directed by your instructor. The US Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 Section 495 requires that the institution establish the identity of the student who is doing the work online. Your work on Moodle satisfies this legal requirement. This also means that you should not email your work from your personal email account, whose ownership the school cannot ascertain. It is also advisable to use your NYTS email account for all course-related communications. If you have any issue with your NYTS email account, please contact helpdesk@mail.nyts.edu immediately. Your professor may have additional requirements regarding your course work.

If you have any question about your distance learning, please contact Dr. Han via email: jhan@nyts.edu.

Please be well through the grace of God. We also hold the people of the world in our prayers.

Please look for future announcements from NYTS Online Learning Committee.