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Digital Library Services and Writing Center
by Rafael Reyes III - Sunday, March 15, 2020, 12:52 PM

Hello students!  As you well know, the COVID-19 virus has changed how schools are engaging students.  NYTS, as well as other schools, colleges, and universities, have gone on a fully online format.  Libraries have been closed, and they are now utilizing Digital Libraries to support students.

Digital Theological Library

We have been on the Digital Theological Library for over 5 months with much success.  I encourage you to use the Digital Theological Library (HTTP://www.thedtl.org), now currently known as the largest theological digital library.  With access to over 600,000 books, 62,000,000 articles, 21,000 journals, and access to over 150 databases, this can support your theological development. The library also contains resources in multiple languages (Asian and Latin resources).  Attached you will find the DTL Access document, updated with how to log in.

Writing Clinic and Writing Services

Because gathering together is limited, we are suspending the last two writing clinics (March and April).  However, we can set up online appointments through Zoom. Please go here if you would like to set up an appointment: https://nytswc.simplybook.me/v2/ From here click “Book Now” to set up an appointment.