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by Ishpal Kaur - Monday, May 4, 2020, 6:42 PM

All NYTS Students

As we have all come to realize In lieu of recent events during this COVID-19 pandemic, institutions, as well as other companies have been forced into the technological world.  With that being said, we too at NYTS are now being forced to move into the electronic age. With banks now having us to make deposits by appointment, it is not easy to make deposits at our branches.  Therefore, we are asking that all payments be made through online services, or you may contact me at wlang@nyts.edu and I will be happy to schedule a payment for you through our Blue Pay payment system.
Also, student statements and student balances can be found via online services (Click Here).  Each month you will receive a reminder via Moodle that payments are due.  We know these are trying times and we want students to be able to continue in your theological studies.
We are also asking that students who are participating in the Student Loan program submit the Direct Deposit form along with a voided check in the event you are due a refund.  This will ensure that your student loan refund will reach you in a more timely manner..
Please help us as we move into a new way of educational processing..