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Access to the Digital Theological Library
by Rafael Reyes III - Monday, September 14, 2020, 2:11 PM

Hello everyone at NYTS!

I hope you are all well as we start this new semester adventurously as we navigate online learning. It is different, but it will be worthwhile.  We will journey together.

On that note, I am writing to inform you that (mostly) all should have access to our Digital Library Services! I have attached a pdf titled "DTL Access" which provides instruction on how to access the Digital Library.  You can find the same instructions on the Library Resources website at: https://libresources.nyts.edu/library-services/how-to-access-the-dtl/

If, after trying the instructions as given on the pdf or the website, you are still unable to access the resources available on the Digital Library, please contact the Information Literacy and Library Services Email at ills@nyts.edu