Wanda D. Lang DMin
by Wanda D Lang - Thursday, October 22, 2020, 1:15 PM

This is just to let you know that we have begun to process student loans.  Some of you have already received a letter from me via email.  Please be advised that due to COVID-19, correspondence for you will be sent via email.   Please be sure to check your email.  Also we are processing student loan refunds via direct deposit to avoid delays in receiving your student refund if applicable.  I have attached a form for any of you who have not completed the process.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE SO, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN.  This is only for those who have not.  Those who have not will need to fill out the form attached and return along with a voided check.  If you do not have a voided check you can retrieve a notice from your banking institution,