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CANCELLED COURSE - "MRL2264: Leadership and the Use of Institutions for Relevant, Restorative, Faith-Based Change"
by Gina Green - Monday, January 25, 2021, 1:47 PM
Students who registered for "MRL2264: Leadership and the Use of Institutions for  Relevant, Restorative, Faith-Based Change" taught by Professor Gil Rendle.
Thank you for your interest in this exciting course. The excitement and enthusiasm you shared last Thursday gives us great promise for a  future course offering.
However, we needed a certain number of students registered for this course to be effective for you the students, the professor and the MARLA academic program. And, we did not reach that level. We will be discontinuing this course offering for this Spring 2021.
In light of this, I want to very enthusiastically suggest you do the following things that will equally exciting you in the area of Leadership:
1. go to  MOODLE and/or https://www.nyts.edu/wp-content/uploads/Add-Drop-Audit-Frm-5.6.20.pdf  immediately DROP this class MRL 2264, "Leadership and the Use of Institutions....." (It will be offered in another semester) and ADD: "MRL2254:  Transformational Urban Leadership in the Context of Millennials and the Emerging Church (Spring  2021 MARLA course , 4 Credits, Elective). This course is  taught by our distinguished professor Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro. He is  a very exciting, insightful and deeply spiritually connected professor who I know you will also appreciate. I have attached his course description.  If you are a MARLA student, this course will count towards your graduation.

His course is taught on Tuesday evenings 6:00 - 9:30pm. You will have missed one class, but I believe you will be able to catch up. If Tuesdays present a particular problem for you, then register for another course this semester. While I am in back to back meetings the next three days, send questions or concerns to me and I will answer you at my earliest convenience.