Picture of Dr. Lucy Cano
by Dr. Lucy Cano - Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 3:59 PM

Dear ALL returning Certificate program students; I hope you are well.

I know you are eager to enroll for fall 2021 courses but in doing so, some of you encountered difficulties enrolling in the new Blackbaud system as instructed.  I know how frustrating t is. Our apologies!

We are taking the necessary steps to fix the inconveniences, meanwhile please feel free to email your registration to the Registrar's office at: Registrar@nyts.edu as quick as possible. Again our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Apreciados estudiantes del programa de Certificado: Espero esten bendecidos!

Algunos de ustedes estan experimentando problemas al enrolarse para los cursos del otono en el sistema nuevo de Blackbaud. Nuestras disculpas.  Mientras logramos resolver los inconvenientes, por favor sirvanse enviar su hoja de matricula por email a la Registradora a: Registrar@nyts.edu a la mayor brevedad. De nuevo nuestras disculpas por los inconvenientes!

Peace and blessings!  Paz y bendiciones!

Dr. Lucy Cano, Director